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    Arizona Oversize Permits

    Arizona Oversize Permits – Regulations & Information

    Permits: Arizona Oversize Permits valid only for Just four days. The driver has the option to buy permits for most entry points.

    Run Time of Arizona oversize Permits: Day hours (one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset). Charges / vehicle up to 10, the width and 14 ‘in height, or no more than 10, rear overhang continuously allowed. The loads of more than 14 is not wide, 16 ‘high, 120 wide and 250 thousand pounds can ride on the roads in the state and showed 03:00 to 12:00 on weekends (except holidays weekends and areas of curfew) to be used be if license ordered and specified in the license. Note that loads of 11 wide need for an escort was from 3:00 to travel to dinner at the weekend and lots of 15 to ‘high and is an accompaniment by mail must height.

    Travel Rest only for Arizona oversize permits: No load the O / D or R / W is allowed to I-17, I-10 and SR 60 in greater Phoenix, or I-10 or I-19 in greater Tucson between 7:00 to 9:00 and 16:00 18:00 on weekdays. Provides local courtesy / route permission to travel O / D in Phoenix and Tucson necessary.

    Arizona Oversize Permits – Regulations and Information are below:

    LEGAL DIMENSIONS for Arizona Oversize Overweight Permits with Regulations & Information
    57’6″ trailer on Interstate
    Non-designated roads, 65′ overall for over 53′ semi-trailer

    Overhang: 3′ front, 6′ rear.
    Width: 8’6″
    Height: 14′ (13’6″ on non-designated roads)
    Weight: 80,000 Gross
    Single – 20,000
    Tandem – 34,000
    Tridem – 42,000

    Routine Arizona Permit Limits
    Length: 120′
    Width: 14′
    Height: 16′

    Tandem – 46,000*
    Tridem – 51,450–53,974*
    Single – 28,000
    *(Tandem and Tridem weights may vary depending on axle spacings, and axle width. For example, a tridem with 9′ of axle spacing (4’6 + 4’6) and 8’0 axle width gets 51,450).

    Note: A “Class C license” – Tridem Permit – Only can now be obtained by 59,168 pounds at 9 “to allow the base of the Tridem axle (57960-8”, 60,000 and 10 “). However, this is only for travel in Freeways 10, 19 and 40 and parts of SR68 and US93, between I-40 and the Nevada line. All other roads (including) detours will be disqualified.

    More than 14 “wide, 16 m high, 120 ‘long and 250 000 A” Class C “call. An overview of the routes may be required.

    over 120′ – 1 or more escorts.
    Overhang: Front or Rear over 20′ – 1 escort.

    over 14’– 1 or more escorts.
    Some restricted routes require 2 escorts over 12′ wide and a few for over 10′ wide.
    Height: over 16′ – 1 or more escorts.

    Arizona Permits Online Service

    MISCELLANEOUS: Excavator blades and arm to be more than 14 “wide (measured perpendicular to the trailer axle) to be removed and transported, so as not to pose a safety hazard. Excavator blade less than 14 , Width can be performed without replacement, as long as the excavator is firmly supported. When buckets, shovels, counterweights, etc. can be easily removed, they must be removed, but can be transported with the load. -standing with the tractor in tow and when the load is overweight or not the blade but it must be specified in the license. In large loads the side mirrors must extend far enough to prevent the view is blocked by the load.

    SIGNALS, light and bands: All vehicles lifted or loads over 9 meters wide should place “oversizing” plates. All loads lifted and vehicles are marked with red flags 12 “square or more at the ends. All boom front or back should be marked or illuminated can a 10 knob, in night flow, but must be turned on and ends on the net There is no sign or flag requirements for more than just loaded or overweight height.

    Note to allow overweight in AZ: Arizona Oversize Permits, Regulations Information provide economies of scale that allows for real weight and weight dimensions is very close. You can scale buy the license to avoid problems, or be sure to ask for specific gravity!

    Compare Transport LLC is highly experienced in Issuing Permits for any Any States such Arizona oversize permits is one of the example in the State of Arizona. Get in-depth information on Legal dimensions, Routine Permit Limits, if Escort Requirements along with operating times and restricted travel

    Get Regulations & Information on Arizona Oversize Permits, for one Permits of Arizona is Just $25.00 – Call for ☎ 630-222-5770

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